Support Youth Leaders aims to equip European and Middle Eastern youth with the skills and opportunities to develop their personal and professional formation, allowing them to contribute positively to their societies socially, politically and economically. In line with these aims, SYL provides various activities to promote specific skill-sets and encourage constructive intercultural dialogue to promote youth leadership and social entrepreneurship. Some of the activities carried out by SYL to this end include:

Training: SYL provides training and capacity building tools for young leaders, graduates and professionals to develop their careers and personal experiences. Leadership and entrepreneurship training promote youth capacities for innovation and constructive professional contribution while theme-specific training such as peace and conflict-resolution or female empowerment furnishes young people with the skills necessary to address these themes in a professional context.

Seminars: SYL activities include round-table discussions and seminars to engage with pressing social issues, allowing for useful contribution and dialogue between participants to strengthen capacities and knowledge on specific themes.

Cultural Experiences Abroad: SYL offers youth exchange programs and cultural experiences spanning work, volunteering, and tourism opportunities. International experiences are at the heart of the SYL mission statement, allowing for the development of youth innovation, creativity, and principles of cultural tolerance.

Youth Voluntary Services: SYL encourages young leaders to give back to their communities, and to this end provides volunteering opportunities for participants to develop their personal and professional capacities through community service.

Conferences: SYL regularly holds conferences inviting specialists, specific organisations, and NGOs to provide further insight into their occupations and fields and to strengthen the knowledge of young leaders in these areas, while encouraging dialogue and Q&A opportunities between guest speakers and youth participants.

Youth MeetingsSYL aims to provide spaces for youth leaders to brainstorm and engage in dialogue on specific themes and social issues, in order to allow participants to deepen their knowledge and build their professional capacities in various fields while empowering them to participate socially and professionally to society.

Youth Networking: SYL creates opportunities for young leaders in different fields to improve their career development by helping them build their networking capacities and expanding their professional networks.