Visit to an NGO: “NOSOTRAS” Support for Women and Migrants Women

Meetings with local civil societies were organised throughout the YEP training course, aiming to create an opportunity for participants to engage professionals in the field of human rights. In line with this objective, we met with the multicultural association Nosotras.

During the day, we were able to ask questions with Nosotras staff, followed by a useful debate on promoting human rights.


Nosotras was born in Florence in 1998 as a place for women from different countries, be they native Italians or immigrants, young or old, to exchange ideas on how to create autonomy, emancipation, and dignity for women together, all the while respecting the diversity of today’s society.

 In like with this vision Nosotras began to collaborate with different projects, both private and public, culminating in the ‘inter alia’ project, a collection of initiatives on social mediation and promotion of intercultural dialogue.

Currently, the association is composed of more than 150 women, aged between 18 and 70 years, from 30 countries including Albania, Eritrea, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia, Spain, Portugal, and Colombia.

Nosotras aims to promote rights of citizenship, training, promoting community life and encouraging the participation and representation of women.

More specifically, the association  carries out activities to support the development of a project that seeks to enhance skills for immigrants in order for them to achieve a life that reflects their individual’s hopes and dreams.



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