Support Youth Leaders activities aim to address and engage with a wide range of socioeconomic issues, spanning universal human rights such as gender equality and refugee rights to context specific social problems, from employment to sociopolitical empowerment and participation. SYL fosters inter-cultural dialogue on pressing social issues, providing a unique space for young people of different backgrounds to engage with the situations in their native countries while learning about the specific challenges other nations face.

Some of the themes we engage with include but are not limited to:

Social Empowerment: A theme at the heart of the SYL mission statement, this focuses on understanding how to support the professional development of youth leader in Jordan and abroad and provide them with the skills necessary to positively contribute to their societies.

Political Empowerment: SYL aims to understand ways of motivating young people to participate politically and allow them to become instrumental in affecting constructive political change, and to discuss the importance of youth political participation.

Democratic Empowerment: Bringing together a diverse group of young people, SYL strives to strengthen youth understanding of democracy in their countries while providing capacity building tools for youth leaders to promote democratic principles.

European Citizenship: Euro-Med relations are a key theme of the SYL programme, and within this framework for discussion European socioeconomic principles and the themes concerning the European Union are addressed, including what it means to be a ‘European citizen’, specifically in the present context of migration and asylum challenges in Europe.

Human Rights: The focus of our human rights discussions are centred on refugee issues, currently, the foremost human rights issue that young leaders from the Middle East and Europe can be successfully equipped to engage with.

Women Rights: Challenges of gender equality and female empowerment are key at SYL: we strive to promote dialogue between participants and specialists on gender relations on all fronts, from specific gender-related issues in Jordanian society and refugee camps to international women’s empowerment problems, such as how to promote women’s economic and socio-political participation.

Intercultural Dialogue Peace and Conflict: SYL members and participants are committed to upholding principles of peace, development and conflict resolution. In this capacity, the organisation aims to promote constructive intercultural dialogue on matters of peace and conflict, bringing together a diverse group of young leaders to address some of the most pressing issues for Europe and the Middle East today, strengthening relations and understanding between the regions on how to address on-going conflict.

Unemployment / Employability: SYL principles are centred on socio-economic issues and empowerment: while providing a space for valuable dialogue on universal unemployment, SYL also provides participants with key skills and experiences to improve their own employability.

Entrepreneurship: SYL supports students and young graduates realise their full potential and innovation by providing tools and capacity building workshops to promote entrepreneurship amongst Euro-Med youth leaders.

Youth Policy: SYL strives to support youth participation in matters of social, political and economic policy, while promoting discussion on social issues directly affecting today’s issues for youth throughout Europe and the Middle East, such as unemployment and housing policies.

Integration of Minorities: In line with SYL’s commitment to supporting refugees and promoting inter-cultural dialogue, we aim to address critical challenges of socio-economic integration for minorities in both the Middle East and Europe, specifically for migrants and refugees.

Leadership: SYL aims to support students, graduates and young professionals in building their capacities for leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation while encouraging dialogue on the importance of youth leadership in today’s society.

Gender Equity: As an organisation, SYL promotes principles of equal opportunities regardless of gender and promotes dialogue on how to eliminate sex-based discrimination in society, the workplace and politics while providing young women with the skills and opportunities to advance their own professional development.

Volunteerism: At SYL we strive to promote ethical and responsible volunteers, reinforcing the importance of giving back to our own communities and undertaking international volunteering experiences while maintaining a critical outlook on the role of volunteerism and its localised impact on communities.