Madaba, Jordan

Global Youth Priorities! provided an opportunity to explore another major cultural site in Jordan— the city of Madaba, or مادبا in Arabic is famed for its mosaics. A city as old as the Middle Bronze Age, it is a national cultural treasure and a mere 30 km south-west of Amman. Throughout history, Madaba has been under the control of the Moabite kingdom, the Nabateans and the Roman and Byzantine empires, ultimately passing under Islamic Umayyad and then Ottoman rule. Historically, it has had a prominent Christian community in the Middle East, and the city has actually been mentioned in the bible. Considered a great site of Christian pilgrimage in the region, Madaba’s cultural masterpiece can be found in the ‘Map of Madaba’ — a mosaic located in the Byzantine church of Saint George in the city. The mosaic map dates back the the 6th century AD, comprising a cartographic representation of the Middle East and most notably the Holy Land, Palestine and Jerusalem.

The GYP team took the streets of Madaba, interviewing locals in the city on topics spanning Jordanian food, music and traditional dress.


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