Human Rights & IOM

As part of the Global Youth Priorities GYP project, Maen Aloquili, Communications Officer Assistant at IOM International Organisation for Migration office in Amman joined the team for a presentation and discussion, introducing the topic of refugee issues. He began by discussing the refugee crisis from a general perspective and then focused his presentation on Syrian refugees in Jordan and the impact of the refugee crisis on the local population.  He highlighted Jordan’s noteworthy role as a country providing asylum economically, socially and politically.

The talk was followed by a productive in-depth discussion on human rights and gender equality, in which GYP participants interacted with the IOM representative engaging with some of the following topics, with a specific focus on refugees in Jordan: gender-based income inequality, equal access for women to education, health care and work opportunities, and marriage rights for women.

The activity was a success, providing an opportunity for GYP youth leaders to deepen their knowledge on refugee dynamics, learning about the stories of people who have had to flee persecution and war and leave behind their old lives and find safe spaces to rebuild their futures across Jordan.

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