Greek Documentary about Refugee Situation in Jordan

Lost dreams and hopes.

The journalist Francesca Megaloudi and photographer Stylianos Papardelas found some time ago in refugee camps in Jordan and recorded the daily life and the problems faced by people who live there. They talked with them, saw their lives. The nonexistent future, the continuing stagnation.

In Jordan today live more than 1.4 million Syrian refugees. Official data of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees speak of 630,000. Since September 2014, the border with Syria have been closed and the buffer zone between the two countries remain trapped about 37,000 people.

First, stop their mission is the city of Irbid, near the border with Syria where live 137,000. The greatest part of this population are children and young people up to 18 years. H overwhelming majority of Syrians in Imprint not working and renting homes to the much bad state whose prices have risen by 300% over the last period.

Across the country, according to official data are recorded total of 220,000 children of Syrian refugees. The 189,000 following a formal or informal educational program. About 30,000 are outside any school system. In fact, these numbers are much higher since a significant number of children are not registered.


Apart from the organized structures that work through the United Nations and non-governmental organizations and the Jordanian government, there are places where refugees are concentrated and have set up camps in which the assistance is not enough. There access to Western journalists in substance can not be formally prohibited. For the first time see the light of publicity images of this region that is very close to the border Syrian – Jordan. Makeshift tents and a life in limbo.

The Zaatari is the third station and one of the largest refugee camps in the Middle East. It is the fifth largest city in Jordan. By the end of 2013, daily arrived in Zaatari approximately 6,000 people and currently there live about 80,000 refugees. It’s a real market town, schools, and hospital. With a big difference. People who live here see it as a temporary refuge. Inside the impasse of life, that rises as the fence in front of them.


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