Support Youth Leaders (SYL) is a Jordanian organisation for intercultural leadership that aims to lay the foundation for dialogue, mutual understanding and exchange of knowledge among young leaders from the Middle East and Europe.

Support Youth Leaders was founded as a non-governmental organisation in 2015 by a group of Jordanians with previous experience collaborating on international projects. It is currently funded by European Union donors, USAID and UK-based donors.

At its core, Support Youth Leaders aims to furnish participants with key skills, networks and innovative tools to strengthen their careers and their drive for social change in their respective cultural contexts. SYL provides an exceptional space for young people and youth organisations around the world to meet, debate, build their capacities and co-operate on youth policy related issues.

By providing students and young graduates with international scholarships and training opportunities, the organisation promotes creativity and innovation, allowing participants to contribute more positively to Jordanian economy and society while fostering intercultural exchange abroad.